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About Mudchick

As a former volunteer/secretary for the Middle Tennessee Dirt Riders, INC. along with assisting in promoting rides and events for many organizations, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in female riders. Ladies are no longer coming to OHV events to just watch-they’re riding themselves! By much participation being former jet ski racer, and a current avid dirt and street bike rider myself, I this inspired me to jump in and contribute to this growing world.

With my nickname being “Mudchick”, the name for my “wears” seemed inevitable. The logo colors were chosen for two reasons, one-I like them, and two-they are more earthy tones to help promote in keeping the OHV Industry connected with the earth itself. Being a lifetime member of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, I felt this important as issues continuously arise from decreased OHV riding areas. The design of my logo came from a local artist I met only one time for two hours. I provided him with the colors and main criteria behind what it should promote based upon the following: a little attitude, some toughness, a touch of class, a bit of “chickiness”, not too “cutesy or girly”, it must tasteful and appeal to all ages, and have a lot of femininity. In just two weeks this is what I got!


After 25 years as a hairdresser providing a personal service for those in need, I felt the need for improvement in the area of Ladies Apparel in the Powersports Industry. So after months of much trial and error, Mudchick Wear launched its first viewing and sale October of 2007 at the Southern Woods Rider Loretta Lynn’s Fall Ride. Everyone was thrilled to see such a new, original and different logo! As Mudchick Wear continues to grow, good customer service will be first and foremost. Our future is dependent upon the ability to listen to what female dirtbike/atv riders want in ladies apparel and riding gear. WE women are the up and coming riders of the future! So what ever it takes to get you out riding instead of just hanging out watching the men in your life have a good time!

Please feel free to email me with comments or suggestions!  Thank you,

Mudchick :-)